Giving the Private Sector a Break

Why do we get angry when a company sells food that makes us fat? We decide what to eat - their job is to sell us what we want to buy. Their job is to make money, period.

We want to save money on gas but we buy trucks and SUVs. Auto companies make them because people want to buy them. We want television to stimulate our minds but we watch trashy 'reality shows' by the score. Studios produce them because people watch them. Health insurance excludes millions of people and denies claims because of pre-existing conditions and statistics that say certain people are higher risks. Like all the other companies, their job is not to be fair or guarantee everyone has coverage, their job is to make money.

We have a right to work for whatever we feel is important or necessary for our society, but as long as we want to maintain an open-market economy, we need to accept that companies don't exist to make our lives better, they exist to make money. If their actions do happen to make our lives better, that's great. If not, we need to look elsewhere to solve the problem.

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